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Download Olive Video Editor for Android and iOS without any payment. You can also give a demonstration while making the video. There are various capabilities in this app, which make it different from others. This app can be used to make instructional or educational videos, both online and offline.

It is an app that is very useful for those who are making instructional videos for schools, seminars, training sessions, conferences, business meetings, etc. They will make the videos as per the requirements of the customers who will then be able to view them through their iPads.

The capability helps in editing the videos which makes it easier for the customers. It has more latest capabilities compared to Splice Video Editor And KineMaster. Download Olive Video Editor which can be used for editing both video and audio simultaneously.

This means that you can simultaneously make the videos for your use and give the lectures or training sessions live. You can even do this by using this app without the help of any other person.

What is Olive Video Editor?

Olive Video Editor is an app that includes an AV Center, which contains all the capabilities necessary to use the video editor on your phone Android or iOS. This app also has an Av sync capability, which lets you sync your existing AV files with the iPhone.

Av sync also lets you share your favorite videos with your family and friends with just a single click on the tool. You can edit the video using the Touchitus HD Video Editor, which offers capabilities similar to the Adobe Premier Video Editor.

Olive APK is the most advanced video editing app available for Android and iOS. The Touchitus includes a wide range of capabilities, which help you to conduct video interviews. This also allows you to transfer videos to an iPhone or Android.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

  • The Olive Video Editor app also allows you to edit any video format including high-definition videos, WMV and AVI.
  • You can also add text to any video. This capability also lets you add your website links at the bottom of the video.
  • This app can also be used to create trailers for your videos and share them on various social media sites such as Facebook.
  • You can also use the Olive iPhone editing app to edit home videos.
  • You can use this app to edit in-game videos.
  • This video editor also allows you to insert photos, text, and audio.
  • You can import text from files and use it for captions, titles, and images on your videos.
  • It provides a customer-friendly interface for easy use.
  • The main advantage of this kind of app is that it enables you to import any type of video and also edit the videos remotely over a network.
  • This app also enables you to use the existing video editing apps on your computer.
  • The video editing capabilities of this app include a capability called Splitter, which split long videos into several smaller ones. You can also add text to the videos.

How to Use Olive Maker?

The Olive APK file is also available for download. This app has been designed by highly professional video editors who have made it possible to edit different kinds of videos using the iPad. It also provides high-quality video editing solutions and is highly flexible.

Is Olive Video Editor Safe?

Yes, this app is safe and secure to use. It contains various tools and a large number of modules. It enables you to create both pre-recorded well as live-action videos. A special capability of this app is the fact that it also provides editing tools for a large number of video formats. It also allows you to transfer files to your iPhone or iPad.

There is a free version of this app available on the iTunes Store, while the premium version is available for purchase on the marketplace. The free version offers limited capabilities and is not supported by the developer.


Download Olive Video Editor which also has a capability called Splitter Play. This capability enables customers to watch different parts of a video, while they are in the process of editing the same. They can do so while skipping the time when they switch to another part of the video.

This app also has a capability called Save As. This capability allows customers to save the video to an external source. They can do so by selecting ‘Save As’ followed by their choice of a folder.