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Splice Video Editor Mod is definitely a great free video editing app that works well with both Android and iOS, with it you can add transitions, titles, or recordings to your videos, crop, edit, remove, and adjust the start and end times, or alter the speed of the video clips. Also concludes by saying that this is very easy to use and it will ease editing.

The cost of this tool is reasonably priced and it is available for download from our website. There are other video editors available in the market, but the makers of the Splice Video Editor Outdo the others in many ways. They are a much sought-after product, especially by those involved in the film industry, in spite of the fact that they are available in various price ranges.

If you are looking for an affordable video editor that allows you to easily manipulate and edit your digital photographs and videos, this app is something you should definitely consider. It also comes in a version for the iOS Touch, which offers a great editing experience and allows you to edit footage from your cell phone, PDA, video camera, or digital camera.

What is Splice Video Editor?

Splice Video Editor is the only free app for Smartphones that allows you to import and save various kinds of files such as MP4, iPod Video, MOV, WMM, AVI, and HTML. This free tool also enables you to make use of advanced transitions and audio effects. This cross-platform splicing app also offers some unique capabilities not available in any other product.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

Some of the capabilities included in the free version of this splicing and editing tool are the following;

Add Title Slides

You can add title slides during recording to give an exciting look to your videos. To add slides, you need to launch the Splice Video Editor Mod app and click on the “add slides” icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Now you will be given a choice to choose from a variety of slides such as animated texts, text overlays, and flower bouquets.

Use Google Maps

In order to take advantage of the amazing capabilities offered by this app, you must install Google Maps on your smartphone. The free version of this app allows you to browse Google Maps using the tap of a button. However, in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of this app, it is recommended that you install the Pro version. It offers turn-by-turn navigation using Google Maps. It will automatically take you to the destination location.

Videos Preset

You can easily create a video clip with the help of this handy editing app. You just need to select a style such as “Normal”, “Freezing” and ” Matte” among many others. After choosing a particular style, hit the “Create Preset” icon located at the bottom of the screen. You will be shown a preview of the effect that you want to apply. Click the “Save Preset” button to save the preset you have created.

Video Editor Capabilities

Splice Video Editor review also lists some of the advanced video editing capabilities available with this app. For example, this app offers “Fit To Screen”, which allows you to cut any video clip to the size of the screen. This will allow you to place the selected video clip on any part of your screen.

You can also use “Clip Auto Fill”, which is helpful when you want to insert text automatically while editing a video. This capability makes the editing process easier, especially when you do not have the time to edit each and every time you want to add a text.

Transitions & Effects

The advanced transitions and effects seen in the Splice Video Editor app are excellent. It has a wide range of transitions and effects, which enable you to make the images and videos more interesting. For example, one of the transitions can be made when the object moves across the screen. This kind of transition is called a “transition blend”. It blends the two images or videos using linearity.


Download Splice Video Editor APK + Mod which allows the splicing of video and audio streams. The video can be split into different screens by clicking on the small globe icon on the top right corner of the screen. The only downfall with this free app is that you cannot add music and audio while recording, this is why most customers recommend using this app instead.

If you want to download the splicing video and audio streams app then this app for Smartphones is the best option for you, just click on the above download link button to download the app for your phone.