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Xera Panel is a free shooting game for Android phones that has been updated generally. You can get all of the contemporary capabilities as well in this app of the game. This Garena Free Fire Mod lets you play by yourself or in multiplayer mode. As nicely as being able to control wherein their bullets pass, gamers can pick from one-of-a-kind guns to make their revel precise.

It is a top-down shooter in which you warfare in opposition to other gamers in online fits. The aim is to kill everybody else and live on. Download Xera Panel Free Fire, gamers intention at their opponent’s avatar, and in case you hit him, he receives a shot; in case you get shot, you lose.

In this method, you want to make certain your avatar hits your opponent for you to win. However, there’s one capture: the game is set in a woodland. So, you’ll have to discern which bushes are well worth aiming at and which ones are simply going to hit you returned!

What is Xera Panel?

Xera Panel is an app that helps you to revel in an entirely new level whilst gambling Free Fire. It has all the capabilities of our different apps and more. Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter with a tremendous 3-D environment. You are dropped within the center of an unknown region, by myself and within the dark.

You need to navigate your way through the game and collect weapons to survive the night. For FF automobile intention you can set up the AimLock FFH4X Panel app.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

The Xera Panel Free Fire app is a fun shooting game in which you have to fight many enemies with distinct guns and destroy as a lot of them as you may earlier than time runs out. This Free Fire Panel Hack app is a simple, addictive game. It has you firing bullets at goals. Let us communicate approximately this app’s capabilities;

Auto Aimlock

This capability manner that you could FF goals while not having to press any buttons. You can simply faucet the screen and watch your pictures cross in.

Auto Headshot

You’ll goal for the enemy’s head to shoot.

Health Bar

You may even hold an eye fixed on your individual’s health bar. If it gets low, you’ll begin recovering him.


You can share your high scores along with your friends with the use of the Free Fire games high scorer machine. In multiplayer mode, you can compete with other game enthusiasts.


The Xera Panel app helps you to use the multi-player capability. You can invite your friends to a Free Fire game and compete in opposition to them.

Easy Kills

This capability lets you kill your enemies right away.

No More Ammo

If you’re in a rush, you could just reload your gun when you’re out of ammunition.

Easy Targeting

You won’t waste time aiming at your enemies. You’ll simply faucet the display screen to goal at them.


This capability indicates all of your stats, like kills and deaths, harm dealt, and so forth. You also can view your character’s stats and take a look at his weapon load.


You might also view the top scorers with this app. You can contrast your overall performance with that of other game enthusiasts.

Kill Streak

The kill streak is the number of instances you’ve killed someone in a row. You can use this quantity to make your character stronger. The more kills you’ve got, the higher your character may be.


There are exceptional characters in the Xera Panel. Each man or woman has a unique weapon, power, and abilities that you’ll need to grasp so that it will defeat your enemies and store the day.


You don’t want to aim, press buttons, or use any other controls whilst playing.


There is extraordinary electricity that you can accumulate at some point in the game. You can use those strength-united states to gain a bonus over your enemies. You can also use this energy America to heal your character.


You can use a puppy in the game, and he’ll assist you in defeating your enemies. The pets will assault the enemies for you. You can purchase them with gemstones.


Download Xera Panel Free Fire is an online game. Its present-day version is available at APKAsset for download. People can play this game on their mobile phones. This is very good for leisure, human beings can play this app with their pals and laugh.

This app runs very smoothly on phones and has very first-rate pics and capabilities. It is an app that may be very specific and does now not affect your phones with any viruses. You will no longer be disenchanted and can proportion your enjoy along with your pals as properly for this app.