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Here you can download the latest version of Yuri Patcher for Android without any cost. It is a free Mobile Legends Bang Bang mod that allows you to inject/ unlock all MLBB skins, battle emotes, drone views, and many more. Each of the battle games has many characters or heroes that we can join online and play with friends.

Similarly to that, Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is an action shooter game that offers 105 heroes that are available to play. They have special abilities to fight and, as such everyone ML gamer cries for the most savage characters. It is a sure sign of triumph and awards gamers with valuable items.

If you’d like to make use of the full potential that your favorite ML characters have to offer at no cost download Yuri Patcher Injector. It’s true, this little tool is able to control or modifies the MLBB game to play to your advantage. Yuri APK is also capable of injecting packs of ML skins, analogs Emotes, Recalls, and Emotes Backgrounds drones, etc.

In the game. All of these capabilities are paid for. However, the Yuri Playz Injector app and Yomasu Patcher are able to alter the game. These cheating tools are the ideals of millions of gamers. They can bypass the procedure of making payments when purchasing gaming items. This means that you can enjoy the top capabilities without spending any money.

What is Yuri Patcher?

Not just those MLBB casual skins, but custom skins are also on the market through Yuri Patcher. Other capabilities are Battle Emote, Drone view Analog, Recall backgrounds, bug fixers, and many more. This list of ML-related items is completely free and easy to utilize.

You don’t have to purchase diamonds or huge amounts of money to get them. It’s unprofessional since MLBB officials do not allow gamers to cheat. But, ML fans demand such altering tools and, as such, we don’t let them know about these freebies for gamers. Yuri Playz Injector is a gift for frustrated gamers.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

A lot of the capabilities are available for free through the Yuri Patcher app. You can however make use of it only if playing MLBB with an Android phone. So, enjoy it.

Repair Bugs

The game allows you to resolve various bugs that are causing problems on the field.

  • Stuck on the Loading Screen.
  • Skin Bugs (Pink Skins).
  • Map Bugs (Pink Maps).
  • Black Loading Screen.
  • Random Hero Icons.
  • Missing Hero Icons.

Unlock All Skin

In fact, you can pick stunning pieces from our large selection.

  • Skins ranging from 81+ to 21 Fighters.
  • 64+ skin for 12 Assassins.
  • 71+ skin for 17 MMs.
  • 32+ skin for 09 Supports.
  • 59+ skin for 16 Tanks.
  • There are many Mages also.

Customized Skin

This section includes anything that is not casual skins.

  • So, utilize 14+ custom skins for 10 different ML avatars.

Drone View

The drone ranges are compatible with both classic and ranked modes. The ranges include:

  • X3, X4, X5, X6, and X7.

Analogs, Emotes, Recalls

Three of these elements are separated into separate groups in the following number.

  • 15+ Battle Emotes, 10+ Custom Analogs, 27+ Effect Recall.
  • It is also possible to remove any item that was injected.


The options are: You can use these alternatives.

  • The Sword, Super Descent, M1, EVOS, Halloween, MCL, MSC, Sky Guardian, Thunder & Hero Vale.


KO, EVOS, 515, Super Kill, Sword Kill, Calamity, The Sword, Roaming, Hero Vale & RIP.


Also, you can modify the ML backgrounds to suit.

  • Loading Screen.
  • Lobby.
  • Profile.


Geek, Bigetron, RRQ, Onic Esports, Aura, Alter Ego & MLBB.

What is the Password for this App?


The complete list of the freebies you can get with the Yuri Patcher Injector APK will be visible to you. Despite its amazing capabilities, however, its UI is as simple to use as ABC. Ads, errors, and bugs are not going to bother gamers. It’s an amazing app that has no cost.

Therefore, download Yuri Playz Injector APK right now from this page and surprise your pals by showing them your skills. In contrast, it’s below the belt and MLBB servers stop these criminals. In the end, cheating tools can make you an experienced gamer, however, it also comes with risks.

However, thousands of ML gamers are making use of these tools to modify their games. This means that you too can benefit from this chance. If you use a cheating app in a moderate manner you won’t face any issues of any kind. In the end, you should download it when you are confident.