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Worst Gaming Injector is an app designed for mobile legends Bang Bang World. It provides Skin Unlock, Drone Map, Changes Analog, Change Background, Battle Kills, and Recall. Are you searching for the top Mobile Legends Bang Bang skin injector?¬†Additionally, you want to hack other skins as well as recall, analog maps, and battle emotes in the game free of charge.¬†If so, then you’re at the right spot.

This article will show you how will be able to install the Worst Gaming new update (also called the WG Skin Injector) and also learn the complete description of this app and the capabilities it offers. You must read the article through to the end for more understanding.

The Worst Gaming Mobile Legends (ML) Injector App hacking app is similar to Syeka Gaming and Gringo XP Injector which allows you to obtain costumes for your favorite heroes. Additionally, it offers a variety of paid skins, including Tank Fighter, Assassin Marksman, Mage, and Support. Additionally, it comes with a variety of capabilities such as Analog Recall Maps, Battle Emote, and numerous other capabilities.

What is Worst Gaming Injector?

Worst Gaming Injector is an app created by Nuglik ML, which gives you gratis skins and skins that you can use in mobile games of legend. What it needs to do is use system injection to unlock all skins needed for the various heroes within the game.

The Worst Injector ML app provides customers with access to different capabilities they’ll not have to miss playing on their own. This decreases the possibility of being banned from losing your account and also advancing your game over time. It is indeed secure to use.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

The most harmful Worst Injector app offers many options to its customers. Below, I will highlight the entire capability. Let’s take a look at each one by one;

  • Unlock several paid skins for free.
  • Tank Fighter skin
  • Assassin skin.
  • Marksman skin.
  • Mage skin.
  • Support skin.
  • Analog Map.
  • Recall.
  • Battle Emote.
  • Customer-friendly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supported all Android and iOS.
  • It’s a small size app.
  • The app’s developer is working on anime skins.
  • Gusion skin.
  • Grock skin.
  • All capabilities are available at no cost.
  • No-ban.
  • Top-rated app.
  • All the time without mistakes.
  • And many more coming soon.


Download Worst Gaming Injector is a third-party app. It’s risky to install the app on your primary account. Therefore, I suggest you make use of this app on your second account. Since, if it detects that the ML game system finds your account, then you’re disqualified and lost your account. Finally, here is a complete review of this app. You can now download & install the Worst Gaming app for your Android or iOS. What are you doing? Download it by clicking the link above.