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It is believed that the Surah Ar-Rahman contains 78 verses, and is Makki. It’s an excellent reward to say the Surah in the wake of Friday’s Fire Prayer, according to Imam Zafar As-Sadiq (AS). It is a way to remove hypocrisy from our hearts by Surah Rahman.

The author of this Surah is revealed on the Day of Resurrection as one who is beautiful and fragrant. Then, he will ask to provide Allah (SWT) with all the names of the people who have been able to read the Surah. It is said that the Imam (AS) also stated that people who die following reading the Surah are considered to be martyrs.

If you write the Surah and then recite it, your issues will be gone, including eye diseases. Therefore, we have added the surah onto your phone for you to keep reading at all times with the help of the Surah Ar-Rahman app. This surah will be available whenever you desire to feel an inner spiritual eminence in your body.

What is Surah Rahman?

Surah Rahman can be described as an Islamic app that allows Muslims across the world to receive a substantial benefit from Allah Subhanahu Taala, by studying Surah Ar-Rahman. It is a major portion of the Holy Quran. Alongside an audio commentary, it also provides translations as well as transcripts of sacred texts for greater understanding.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

Get the below capabilities of this app;


The Surah Rahman app was designed with clear and simple graphics and a customer interface that will fit the phone you are using.


This app has added beautiful and soothing sounds from the receiver and not a background sound that can keep you from listening to it.


This app focuses on offering smooth and suitable options. The previous reading is a way to reinforce the knowledge of earlier read poems.

Famous Reciters

It capabilities various popular Qari voices from around the globe. In addition, there were voices of four prominent Qur’anic Recipters: As-Sudais Al-Afse, Abdus Samad, and Al-Ghamdi.


The translation of the Holy text can be read in various languages, including English (Sahih, Pithal, Shakir, Maududi, Dariabadi as well as Yusuf Ali), Urdu, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Hindi, Malay, Chinese, Persian, Italian, Dutch, and Bengali.

Modifying Options

With this app, it is possible to alter the font’s size and style according to your own preferences. Additionally, background colors may be selected based on the preference of the customer.

Customer Interface

The customer interface has been reduced to extremely simple capabilities so that even someone with no knowledge of the app’s usage is able to comprehend it.


This app supports all kinds of Smartphones including Android, iOS, iPad, and many others.


Download Surah Rahman which allows Muslims across the world to receive huge benefits from Allah SWT through the discussion of an exclusive chapter of the Holy Quran, namely Surah Ar-Rahman. Therefore, install this app installed on your Android or iPhone to reap every benefit today.