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Free download Painted Skin Injector is free for Smartphones to unlock ML Skins such as Gusion, Hayabusa, and Chou & many others. You don’t have to buy the latest Mobile Legends Bang Bang skins anymore. We offer something completely different. The Painted Skin app allows you to obtain any costume or skin in the game.

You don’t need to spend a penny to get your favorite skin. Follow the below guide and have fun. The Painted Skin Injector app is very useful for gamers. Online gamers will understand that costumes and skins can make the game more visually appealing. Based on the current fan rates, game developers release new costumes each month.

Mobile Legends is the king of battle area games. They employ the same strategy to attract more people. These skins and costumes are the only way to earn money from these games so their prices are often high. Painted skins are not available for long periods when the season begins. Support the developers if you can afford the skin.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase the new items, you can use the Skin Painted Injector app. This app allows you to easily obtain the skins of your favorite heroes, including Hayabusa Future Enforcer and Kagura Amethyst Wiser, Karina Spider Lily, Hayabusa Future Enforcer, and Gotokaca Steeler.

What is Painted Skin Injector?

Painted Skin Injector is an Android app that is simple and easy to use. It’s designed for people who enjoy playing MOBA games with different skins. This app allows game gamers to easily search for all their heroes’ skins and other skins. It works on nearly all phones. You already know that such apps work on Rooted phones, but the ML Skin Injecter and Painted Skin tools work on all phones, including rooted phones.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

The latest capabilities of this app are the following;

  • Painted Skin ML allows you to unlock all paid skins.
  • Costumes skins.
  • Free ML diamonds.
  • Every update brings the latest costume.
  • Anti-ban capability.
  • Increased skin time limit.
  • You can get the skins from the previous event.
  • 30+ skin variations.
  • The latest hero costumes are included.
  • Root permission is not required.
  • It can be used geographically.
  • Customer-friendly interface.
  • Free to use.
  • Downloads-free.
  • No password.
  • No registration.

How to Get Painted Skin ML for Free?

Some games, such as Garena Free Fire or PUBG, offer character skins and weapons skins for a fee. Now you can inject Painted Skin into the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game. We have a great app called Injector Painted Skin for those who can’t afford ML Skins. TejJ Leet developed this app. It allows you to inject a few skins into a game.


These are my final words on the ML Painted Skin Injector. As I mentioned, it is one of the best tools to inject skins in a mobile Legend Bang Bang game. Download it for free.