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Get the latest version Kodi Live TV for free to watch instantly Live TV and recorded shows of all Malayalam channels. It offers unlimited TV channels, including Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and English The other channels will join soon.

The complete show of Uppum Mulakum, the daily comedy serial on Flowers TV will be updated on this app. Comedy Supernite and Comedy Utsavam are the two other popular shows, that are also uploaded to the home masala daily.

The content is posted based on the genre and will allow viewers to find and appreciate the content of your choice. Television is a major aspect of our lives, we browse Live TV for most reality shows, and then news channels and the bulk of the other channels are Live Sports such as cricket, Football, and other sporting events.

Download KodiLive TV is an exceptional app, thanks to its easy interface, a variety of capabilities, and numerous extensions, it’s one of the top media players available.

What is Kodi Live TV?

Kodi Live TV is a great platform for all kinds of entertainment, and it is possible to use various add-ons for this app. It has numerous options like making recordings of TV programs, as well as marking the most-watched TV shows to ensure ease of access.

Its platform is a seamless connection to the internet and offers customers unlimited content. The app is available to download for your Android tablets and mobiles as well as on the screen of your Android television.

It is sure to be an amazing experience to play the app on the larger display of an Android TV. It acts as a remote to your Android TV and allows customers to stream live TV. This app is similar to Arena4viewer.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

Below are the key capabilities of this app;

Positive Effects

Through the Kodi Live TV app, you can browse your videos, photos films, TV shows, movies stream music and listen to podcasts, as well as play games. This app is an open-source free media center developed by the community, community.

It is possible to get it installed and downloaded in several easy steps. It is also possible to install add-on extensions to provide a better customer experience, as well as more options. This app lets you keep all your photos as well as videos and music all in one place.

Stream Online

Just open the appropriate tab and it will display all your files on your Smartphone. It is possible to install add-ons that are basically apps that allow you to stream or view whatever you wish from live TV such as movies, TV shows, or even movies. You can, for instance, enjoy your favorite sports events live on TV or capture an episode of the TV show.

Better Option

No. It is a unique app. It is totally free to use and it allows you to stream whatever you like. It’s superior to Windows Media Center and most Apple apps.

Run Devices

It is compatible with nearly every OS like Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, and Ubuntu as well as Raspberry Pi. You can download it to any device at no cost.

Download It for Free

Yes. You can view any of your photos, videos download movies stream content, and more.

How to Use Kodi Live TV?

Follow the instructions below;

  1. When you first get this app APK, you’ll find it to be a simple app.
  2. The interface that is graphically designed for the app is extremely easy to navigate and is also completely customizable.
  3. You can alter each capability within this player in order to be more customer-friendly and most suitable to your needs.
  4. There are different options for settings, such as the media setting, player options Live TV and PVR options, profile settings options for skins and settings on interfaces, and similar. 
  5. You can modify these options according to your preferences.
  6. Each of the options will give you a distinctive look for the player.
  7. There’s a separate option for setting to include the plug-ins you need or add-ons.

Is Kodi Live TV Safe?

Indeed. It is safer to use. It also allows customers to add additional capabilities, you must be certain that the add-ons you choose to use are safe from risk. If not, they will impact severely your device. If you install the app live on Kodi TV App, you can be sure it’s safe to use for your Android without any concerns.

It is the player Kodi app itself that is a legal app. It is completely blank and unrestricted. Legality or security is contingent on the actions you take. If you’re using this online TV app to stream illegal content using your add-ons, it will become dangerous and illegal. Therefore, be aware when you stream.


Download Kodi Live TV is a fantastic media player that can play any media you want to play, including audio, video images, as well as streaming media. The service is free, and the download is very easy. It supports a wide range of operating systems and is available on all devices.