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4.5 v2.0 16MB
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Hello everyone! gamers are enjoying the games. Hypepeak Injector is designed for people who enjoy gaming life are engaged and spend more time gaming, so this app is for people who are currently playing the game Mobile Legend Bang Bang.

What is Hypepeak Injector?

HypePeak Injector is an app that allows you to unlock all skins. It is an app that has a variety of injection menus to utilize, such as skin, recall analog, emote creation, and elimination. With several options for injecting, you can make it as active as you like.

A variety of skins, including iconic skins and epic ones starting skins, top skins special skins, and many more cool skins that automatically open, and you can test them initially in the custom mode.  In addition, the fascinating capability is the emote fight with a variety of sports teams like Iraq, Evos, AE, and many more.

And download the free Wanda Official & Mythical Glory injector for Android another option for Mobile Legend gamers. Making use of to use the modified VIP Hype skins, it’s not that difficult, and the use of it is safe which means you won’t need to worry or hesitate about the account you’re using.

In terms of the size of the VIP Hype ML app, it’s not that large, at approximately 16MB, which means it shouldn’t take up excessive RAM on the Android smartphone you’re using.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

The following are the capabilities of this app;

  • It allows you to unlock all the ML skins.
  • Recall analog.
  • Unlock all emotes.
  • Unlock easily drone view.
  • Special skins are available for free.
  • Boost level as well as rank.
  • Easy to use.
  • Anti-ban.
  • Downloads-free.
  • Supports Android phones.


I am sure you would love playing the ML game, so you should always alter the game by using the app that I am going to show you. It consists of an Hypepeak ML that allows you to unlock skins that is the legendary skin including the starting skin elite skins, special skins, and more cool skins automatically. Make sure to remember this app.