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GB iOS X comes with a WhatsApp mod that allows customers to mimic the look of instant and chat messaging apps for iPhones. It’s a great mod to get at some point shortly. The GB iOS app was developed with Apple’s lines and an instant messaging app for phones.

With the functionality, it’s simple to comprehend why customers might be drawn to a layout where the skins, Emojis lines, and the other elements of the app are set to work better on iOS rather than Android.

If you download GB iOS X, you’ll enjoy the same capabilities as WhatsApp’s official version. WhatsApp with the exact fonts layers, and lines as well as other distinctive capabilities of this iOS app for Android. You will get an even better experience every time you are using it. It will make you happy with this app.

What is GB iOS X?

GB iOS X as known as (GBWhatsApp iOS X) is a mod WhatsApp that mimics the way that WhatsApp appears when it is installed on iPhones. StefanoYG developed this mod WhatsApp that has a graphic interface that is similar to that of the iOS version.

The creator created a brand new and upgraded version with lines and designs similar to the original by utilizing the codes from an old mod such as GBWhatsApp. It was ultimately an upgrade that mimicked the iOS customer experience of the messaging app. In the end, the style is very like the iOS design of this app for messaging.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

The capabilities of this app are in the below list;

Mobile Interface

One of the main reasons behind the development of the GB iOS X app was the desire to provide an interface similar to iOS for Android customers, too.

New Typefaces

The answer is obvious the fact that an app designed to be customized offers you amazing customization options. The app will provide you with various typefaces available here that will help enhance your presentations.


Because this mod is extremely simple to use you will never have issues with regards to technological problems. It is easy to utilize and can be used by anyone.

No Cost

The best part is that it comes with everything for free This mod is an even greater deal.


This app lets customers transmit messages and documents, without saving the phone number that isn’t in the other apps, which illustrates its efficiency and ease of use.


It comes with numerous new themes as well as font designs. You can change the entire look and feel of the message area and it allows you to add personal pictures to the background in a snap.


This app also offers thousands of brand-new Emojis to convey your feelings in a more precise and beautiful way. You are also able to alter Emoji icons to suit your want.

Alternative Apps

There are many WhatsApp apps like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Pro, WhatsApp Mod, WhatsApp Premium, and many others available on our site APKAsset for free. Our website customers can download and install all those apps without any cost.


Download GB iOS X mod that has gained popularity among its customers because of several capabilities that aren’t available in the initial app. The WhatsApp mod lets you customize your app by adding various designs, font themes, themes, and privacy settings, in addition to others. The GBWhatsApp iOS X was created for WhatsApp customers who want to use the iOS interface for their Android phones.