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GBWhatsApp iOS X is a mod version of the initial WhatsApp. The name of this app reveals what this app is. This mod version of WhatsApp capabilities an interface similar to iOS. Customers can access the iOS interface for their phones. This app was created to meet the needs of customers wanting to access all of the premium capabilities that are available in GB WhatsApp with an iPhone interface.

What is GBWhatsApp iOS X?

GBWhatsApp iOS X is a mod app of the initial WhatsApp. It was designed to work on Android phones however it offers you the customer interface that is available on iPhones. To allow you to experience the iOS customer interface on your Android.

You can use the same experience that is available on the iPhone. Stefano YG is the developer of this mod and is primarily focused on providing an interface similar to the initial iOS design of WhatsApp.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

The main capabilities of this mod app are the following;


Modified versions of the WhatsApp app are accessible on the Internet. They offer many options. However, there is the possibility of having your account taken down on these apps. The GBWhatsApp iOS X mod app comes with a built-in capability to prevent bans that ensures you are safe and that your account remains protected from being blocked.

Auto Reply

If you’re a business proprietor or have a job that demands a rapid response from customers. If so, then the GB WhatsApp iOS X app has an auto-reply capability to help customers use it. All you need to write is save the message. It will then be sent out to any person who attempts to contact your phone when you’re unavailable in person.

Schedule Of Message

If your family members or a loved one is celebrating a birthday, there is a chance you’ll be unable to send a birthday wish on the right date. Don’t worry for a moment, since the GBWhatsApp iOS X app has an option to set up a schedule for messages.

The only thing you need to do is write the message and then save the message. You can set the date and time for the date and time. GBWhatsApp for iOS will automatically send an email to your contacts at the date and time you set.

View Status

The GB WhatsApp iOS app has enhanced privacy settings when in comparison to the initial WhatsApp. It is possible to block your internet status, recordings as well as typing. It is also possible to conceal your double or blue ticks. These privacy options can help you remain hidden from snoopers.

Private Chats

The GBWhatsApp iOS app has added a security capability to protect the chats you have. This app can be locked app using a PIN, password, fingerprint, or patterns. You are the only one who will be allowed to access the app. It is also possible to block or hide only one chat.

Send Audio Clips

The first WhatsApp can transfer audio files with sizes of between 15 and 20 MB while this app allows customers to upload audio files with sizes that exceed 100 megabytes.

Always Online

If the job you are working for requires that you be online and available for long periods. This is why the GBWhatsApp iOS X app can be always online. The always online option in the options and then your status will appear on the internet to all who view the chat.

Send Pictures

This first WhatsApp permits 30 pictures in one message to be shared. However, the new GB WhatsApp for iOS X raised the limitation to allow 90 pictures per message.

Hide Last Seen

To grant customers more control over their privacy, the GBWhatsApp iOS X app allows you to conceal your last-viewed status from the contacts. This way you will not have the ability to determine what time you were online the last time.

Modify iCons

The GB WhatsApp for iOS X lets you change icons for the app and the notification icon for the app.

Block Private Chats

If you’ve got private chats that you do not want other people to view. This is why the GBWhatsApp iOS X app comes with this option of hiding private chats. The chats will be removed from the chat area and can be opened by entering an account password.

Download Story

If you’re using the initial WhatsApp app and would like to see your friend’s status updates. You will need to contact the person to forward the status update. With GB WhatsApp iOS X, You can download the status update straight away because this app has an inbuilt status downloader.

Copy Text Status

Another capability unique to GBWhatsApp for iOS X is the possibility of copying the status of text for your contacts directly by navigating to the display screen.

Broadcast Message

When you must communicate with several people. You may also want to advertise or promote something. You can do that with the GBWhatsApp iOS X app can broadcast messages to customers. It allows you to send one message to as many as 600 contacts simultaneously.

Alternative Apps

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Download GBWhatsApp iOS X is an app that is cross-platform and third-party. It works with all customers regardless of the phone they’re using. It runs on Android, iPhone, MAC as well and Windows PCs as well. This app can be used WhatsApp iOS X on all of these platforms for sending messages, pictures, or videos.

When looking over the capabilities, one could conclude that this is the only app that offers Android customers the convenience of accessing WhatsApp through the iOS interface. Additional capabilities related to privacy and security are excellent. Try this WhatsApp iOS at least once.