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Want to be an expert FF participant or want to be a skilled character in doing headshots extra frequently? If any of the conditions are taking place then you may get satisfaction from this newsletter. In this article, we will let you understand how you could grow to be a professional headshooter using the use of the Free Fire Auto Headshot.

This FF Headshot is not an injector but has evolved especially as a good way to become a skilled participant. As we all realize gaming enterprise has ended up extra famous among each age with the release of video games like Free Fire and PUBG that are to be had on smartphones. This right of entry to smartphones has taken the eye of each customer.

Garena Free Fire is the favorite game among teenagers, its sharp, clear, and interesting challenges constantly attract new gamers. The maximum crucial ability in playing Free Fire is headshots. It requires the staying power of a participant as it simplest comes with exercise and more practice. But no longer anybody has a whole lot of unfastened time so for you who are busy in your life but love to play this game.

You can without problems download Free Fire Auto Headshot (HS), with no practice, you could turn out to be a skilled gamer. This new FF Mod App allows you to fire perfect headshots with a single faucet which mechanically leads you to at least one step in advance of your enemy.

What is Free Fire Auto Headshot?

Free Fire Auto Headshot is an app for Android. This Free Fire Automobile Headshot is the final in the practical taking pictures movement. You manipulate the fire rate and price of fire, the firing mode, and the trigger reaction with precision. It will unlock the trendy capabilities of the game to entertain you. From the super snapshots to the realistic physics, this is a shooter a good way to blow your mind.

Gamers put forth a whole lot of effort to obtain the maximum current skins and aimbots due to the fact they are aware that doing so is not easy. So, if you need to revel in its new capabilities, then download it and revel in. It is similar to the FFH4X Headshot Config File, however, this one is an app to paint without hurdles.

Key Capabilities of Free Fire Auto Headshot

The new Free Fire Auto Headshot (Mod) is the subsequent technology of the famous car headshot and has more than a few upgrades to make it even extra laugh. For starters, the new version capabilities a brand new, faster cause pull. This way gamers can Free Fire extra bullets in more rapid succession. And means the participant can manipulate his pictures extra exactly.

Auto Headshot

So the primary and predominant characteristic of this app is an auto headshot within your Free Fire gameplay. However, this is perfectly working within the new replacement of Garena Free Fire as properly.

Med-Kit Strolling

The med kit lets you get up if you’re knocked down and make your manner toward the next checkpoint. An ideal capability for any FPS. 

Fake Username

The new Free Fire Auto Headshot capabilities as a faux username. This is cool due to the fact you may use it as a brought stage of anonymity.


It method where you can break all your opponent’s walls. Even when they aren’t looking. If they see you destroying their wall, they will additionally ruin yours. 


So it could kill enemies at the same time as in first-person mode or 2nd-person mode. The weapon has limitless ammo, and also you don’t want to reload.


When you input a room in which every other gamer has already teleported, you can’t teleport in. You need to look ahead to him to leave first.


With the Free Fire Automobile Headshot, you’ll experience such as you’re gambling on an actual game. You can customize your weapons.

Rapid Firing

With the Free Fire Auto Headshot, you’ll be capable of firing up to 60 bullets in much less than 3 seconds. Even in case, your opponent has a completely charged gun.

HD Mod

It adds lots of capabilities, such as a quick refresh charge, which lets you see the consequences of your pictures instantly. 


It unlocks many of the ESP capabilities of the game, like Esp Head, Esp color, Esp Line, and so on. This gives you numerous capabilities.

Latest Skin

The new skin offers you guns, new uniforms, new sounds, and new FF modes!


This one lets you goal and shoot in any course even as shifting ahead or backward.

Drone View

It’s a first-rate capability, which ought to be delivered to all of the auto headshots: Dangerous’ destiny variations. The Garena menu now offers quite a few alternatives, consisting of Reports Smooth and Reset Guest settings.


This app has a lot of capabilities. With this app, vehicle headshot you’ll get direct hits in your combatants. It is a laugh to play and addictive. It has masses of the latest updates. You need to genuinely download Free Fire Auto Headshot and play it. So, cross it beforehand, download it, and revel in it.