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EZ Stars Injector is the most recent version for Android or iOS as well as gain access to the Mobile Legends game all skins as well as backgrounds, and many more. It’s a no-cost injector tool that gives you a wide range of stunning skins to make your gaming avatar more personal.

If you enjoy playing a variety of games, then you may have played Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It is considered to be one of the most enjoyable games following PUBG gamers can play for hours and never show a feeling of boredom. However, at some point, for the full enjoyment of the game, it is necessary to play with premium capabilities.

To enjoy the top capabilities like vibrant skins of heroes, backgrounds with various locations, and battle effects, you must invest real money. Gamers have to forgo their hard-earned dollars and purchase gold and diamond coins to gain access to these top capabilities.

If you are not willing to pay and would like to access those top capabilities, we have created an app with the name EZ Stars Official Part 35. It is a free tool for gamers of ML and can be modified to alter the game’s capabilities. It’s suitable for Android and iOS phones. Download the most recent version of the app and take advantage of all capabilities for free easily.

What is EZ Stars Injector?

EZ Stars Injector is a straightforward alteration tool that can be referred to as an app. It allows gamers on Mobile Legends to get access to premium capabilities without having to pay a penny. It was created by the same person who developed EZ Hunter FC & EZ Month.

An Indonesian developer working on his own has created a variety of apps similar to those previously mentioned. Because of the recent updates to ML other apps aren’t running as well. This is why the EZ Stars app is the most suitable choice since it offers extra capabilities.

If you’re looking to take advantage of all capabilities of ML, download this app and access premium capabilities. It only works when internet connectivity is on. Since it downloads certain files to increase its capabilities.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

With the EZ Stars Injector app, you’ll be able to play with its options. This means you’ll have all of the Skins, Backgrounds, and Battle Effects without spending funds.

Characters Skin

There are currently 97 MML characters. Within this category, you’ll receive all paid skins for heroes for free. ML Skins comprise: Mage Skin, Marskman Skin, Assassin Skin, Fighter Skin, Support Skin, Tank Skin.


Under the section Background, there are a few choices. Map skin magical Chess, Mi themes, Analog, Border, and Background.

Battle Effects

This is the final section and contains several options. Recall, Elliminasi, Spawn, Notification, Emote, etc.


Guinevere Summer, Zilong Summer, Luoyi Starlight, and Lancelot Bren Export.

Why Use EZ Stars Injector?

In the gaming world, a majority of gamers are looking to obtain the items needed to play without spending money. Additionally, in the MLBB game, gamers have to purchase skins as well as other items to customize their avatars. So, by using this type of app, you will be able to access all items purchased without cost.

Is EZ Stars Safe to Use?

This app is in violation of Google policy and this is the reason it’s not available on the Google Play Store. It doesn’t mean it’s unsafe, as there are millions and thousands of gamers who use this app when downloading from third-party sources. The good thing is you can download the APK file is available for download from this site directly.

What is EZ Stars Password?

The most current version of this app comes completely free without passwords, which means you won’t have to keep any passwords. Simply run the app and enjoy the advantages. Simply fill in your username instead of the word “welcome” and press the “Start” button.


After having read a detailed overview of this app, hopefully, you’ll be interested to download it. This is why you can download EZ Stars Injector from our site directly. Just click the above download button.