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The crazy gamers of Mobile Legends Bang Bang can access all the paid-for resources in the game for free. It’s possible by using an incredible app, such as EZ Month. This app offers its customers the most current avatar skins drone maps, emotes, drone diamonds, backgrounds, and lots more.

Spend a few minutes reading this article to find out more about this app and you’ll also be able to get the latest version of it free of charge. There is a huge demand for cheating apps by gamers since it’s useful in achieving the final purpose of the game. MOBA gamers are constantly exploring these techniques to save time.

Gamers can beat their opponents with little effort. ML gamers also seek out an updated and better app that will show them how to be skilled and famous gamers. Many prizes are offered to gamers who win this fantastic game. Some of them are for free, while others can be obtained through cash.

However, most of the gamers in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game are from South Asia, and they do not have the financial capacity to pay for the game. This is why some gamers develop cheating tools that allow access to all the capabilities for free.

What is EZ Month?

EZ Month is an app designed to inject cheats of various kinds into the latest version of the MLBB game. Following the latest update to Mobile Legend, most of the injectors have stopped functioning properly. But, don’t be concerned, as we constantly update our technologies and updates to delight our customers. To use the most recent version, you’ll require an account password and you can get your password as well as this app from our website.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

This app provides many capabilities to ML gamers for free of cost. Read the below list of capabilities in this app;


The diamond option for free will make the EZ Month Injector app an eye-catching star and is an option that is not available in any other app. You can earn a no-cost reward in the form of a diamond or a gift and use it in the game to buy premium quality products for no cost.

ML Skins

Within this category, you will discover all the top skins you can get for your hero of gaming. The additional skins are split into sections called sab, which include Fighters, Assassins, Tank, Mage, Marksman, and Support. This section is only for people who like skins. Just one click and the desired skin will be added to the game.


I am certain that when you’ve mastered this capability, you’ll be a devoted customer of this app. In addition to the background of your game, it is possible to update the backgrounds for your profile and lobby too. More than 24 backgrounds are available in the app to date.

Drone View

With the drone view, you can expand or reduce the distance of the map as well as analyze your adversaries more closely. It’s fully compatible with every map as well as all graphics. It has five drone view options to date. It is similar to EZ Hunter FC & EZ Star Injector which are also available on our website.


Spawn Effects, Recall Effects, Backups of Files, Recent Maps, Elimination Effects, Battle Emotes, Custom Analog, Flexible Backgrounds, Rank Booster, Border Avatar, Fix Bugs, Anti-ban, Lightweight app, and many more.

Is EZ Month Safe?

EZ Month is safe to use and has been tested across a variety of Android and iOS phones. It works flawlessly across all. It is, in fact, an app that is cheating, and therefore we can’t offer any assurance.

You are able to make use of this app on an account that is new to ensure that you’re determined about your account. Also, the method of using this app is easy in that one is able to comprehend the app from a glance.


If you’re a serious lover of MLBB and would like to have an app that is robust and makes you a famous participant in the game then download EZ Month Injector for your Smartphone. It is loaded with cheats that will ensure winning. It’s a great present for anyone who does not want to spend money to buy in-game items. Therefore, we’ve provided you with the most recent and fully functional version of this app for free.