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The arcade game Dig Dug Girl helps to exterminate underground monsters which have caused chaos for the local people. These monsters live deep in the earth’s crust, and they have been making the locals suffer for a long time.

Dig deeper to learn more about this game. Dig Dug is a game that can be played with a friend or two gamers. It is a classic and traditional game that is played with great enthusiasm today and has a legendary history.

What is Dig Dug Girl?

Dig Dug Girl is a game that is almost 40 years old, and allows you to use aerial bombs and blow up your enemies. This game is different from other Android free games. The gameplay is easy, but winning battles and getting top scores can be difficult.

The Dig Dug game is the best way to play fun and new games. You will be downloading an altered version of the app, so please handle it with care. This app can be downloaded and installed on any Android or iPhone gadget.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

The below list shows you the key capabilities of this app;

  • A fire-breathing dino ride Dig Dug.
  • The dog started digging furiously.
  • This GIF was created using seven stickers.
  • It is interesting to play because of its graphics and animals.
  • This app gives a new twist to an old horror game.
  • Our anti-malware system has checked this Dig Dug app and found no viruses, making it completely safe.
  • This game is great for solo play, but it also works well in pairs and duos using joysticks.
  • It’s ad-free.
  • Downloading and using this game is free.
  • More information.


  • Free to download.
  • No need password to play.
  • No need for registration.
  • Safe to play.
  • Error-free.
  • Free to cost.
  • Supports Android as well as iOS.

Alternative Apps

Our website APKAsset recently provided a Milfy Day game that is close to this game. If you want to download those gaming apps then you can! both games are similar to each other and free to download.


Download Dig Dug Girl original game that has a unique blend of classic games and traditional horror games. It is a fascinating app because of its graphics, both in the general game and in the specific graphics for the monsters.

It has an eminent feel to it, as this app is centered around you being the hero who saves so many lives and kills so many monsters all at once. The points on the table will increase until you receive a prize island.