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Are you looking to increase your abilities and capabilities with an ML game? If so, then without delay, the Auto Aim Hook Franco app is the perfect choice for gamers who are disappointed. This app will offer different capabilities than similar apps.

The most recent link for the Auto Aim ML Mod isn’t available on different websites, so don’t browse elsewhere in search of this app. This is the latest version of this app. Get Mobile Legends Auto Aim Franco via our website APKASSET to take pleasure in your game of choice with an entirely new experience.

To gain access to these valuable assets, gamers must make payments to authorized authorities. A lot of gamers utilize third-party apps to enhance their skill as well as their power and also get the benefit of free access to items that are locked. Third-party apps offer several powerful capabilities that can be utilized to win.

Today, however, we’ve developed an app that focuses on a handful of capabilities instead of changing the ML game in its entirety. Download Auto Aim Hook Franco MLBB is an injector that is suitable for all Mobile Legends gamers and if you continue reading to the very end, you’ll have the ability to gather every detail regarding this app.

What is Auto Aim Hook?

Auto Aim Hook Franco was developed by the Frenchman Snapz Mod. It’s an upgraded cheat app that is a favorite among several Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gamers because of the unique capabilities it offers.

It will offer all the necessary effects that are essential to win matches against the most advanced gamers. Auto Aim Franco Injector can enhance the power as well as the skills and capabilities of athletes so they can win at a minimal cost.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

Franco Auto Aim Hook comes with some distinct capabilities that distinguish it from similar Mobile Legends Mod apps. This ML Auto Aim Ling app was designed to be utilized by gamers playing the Franco characters in MLBB games. Some of the most notable capabilities of this app are listed below;

ML Auto-Aim

By using this app, gamers can improve their aiming abilities. When a gamer is required to auto Aim to hook at bloody opponents to catch them hooked. The ability to aim will improve by 90 percent.

Magnet Hook

This capability will allow the magnet’s strength will increase by 80 percent. This allows the gamers to snare enemies from further distances.

ML Damage Rate

This app provides an enhanced damage percentage to opponents. The gamer can deal more damage to the enemies’ weapons as well as health. This means it’s much easier to eliminate them in only a couple of hits.

Custom Color

It makes the experience more thrilling and worthwhile by using this incredible capability.

Clear Cache

For the protection of the gaming accounts of gamers, this app helps gamers utilize an option to clear their cache.


This app is protected with the most powerful anti-ban (No-Ban) system to allow gamers to enjoy their matches without having to worry about receiving a ban.

Franco Heroes

The Franco Auto Aim Hook app will assist gamers who are playing a Franco hero.


It is just 125MB in size, so it’ll be able to run without problems.


The gamers don’t require money in their pockets for this app since it’s free to download.


A lot of gamers are in love with the customer interface of this app due to it being incredible and letting gamers add multiple capabilities with simplicity.

Easy Injection

If a gamer wants to inject any cheat, injecting is easy. Select the cheat that you wish to inject in a matter of seconds and this capability will be instilled.


Download Auto Aim Hook Franco will always be a delight for ML gamers. Through its capabilities that are powerful and effective, the game is as easy for those who play. ML gamers who aren’t strong can download this app and achieve a high position in the game with no effort. Install this app and, without paying a cent enjoy the high-quality capabilities.