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Download the latest version of TF Liker for Android, It allows you to increase free likes, free auto comments, and unlimited free shares, of your Facebook photos. it is one best auto-likers for Android phones and tablets compared to other FB auto-likers apps.

TF Auto Liker gains free auto likes on your Facebook post, Try this liker on a Facebook post and get automatic likes per submission. We share the TF Auto Liker official app download link, this FB liker online gains likes, comments, status, and automatic boosts for every post on your FB social media.

It is a highly recommendable app for Android and is the best Facebook liker tool that increases your FB profile visitors. Even you get auto likes and page followers without any payment.

Download TF Liker is the Facebook auto liker app, It is the most popular Auto Liker app developer who updated the latest version for your Android phones and Tablets. It works better than the old version of FB auto-liker.

The TF Auto liker app is an automatic liker machine that allows you to gain unlimited likes, comments, and auto-page followers. Business needs advertising without a social media presence it’s not easy to do it. Facebook is the populated source and getting like will help here.

This app service will make things simpler and more reliable. Brands will get a lot of mindfulness, and it will work better compared to Facebook liker Tool. This app allows you to increase 1000+ likes on your FB post.

What is TF Liker?

TF liker is an Auto-liker machine on which you log in with your Facebook account and it allows you to promote your FB post. The TF Auto liker is a Facebook liker app for your Android devices by using this liker app you can collect a lot of likes, comments, and Facebook followers.

Get auto likes from country-based, this app allows you to select a country in which you want to get likes and comments. this liker is the ability to select your own country or anyone more and get free likes. It is an auto-reactions liker that works fast and safely.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

  • You can gain auto likes from country-based and you can select your own country or another country in which you want to get likes from it.
  • Get Unlimited free likes, comments, and shares.
  • Get Unlimited FB page auto likes.
  • About 1000+ likes, comments, and page followers.
  • Boosts your FB post and temporary likes on it.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Free Android app and small size app download fast on your Android phone.

How to Use TF Liker?

  1. First of all, download it on your Android phone.
  2. After downloading the complete installation, in the installation process, your Android phone shows ‘Unknownresorcess’ permission to allow it to continue installing.
  3. If Completely installed then click to open the liker app.
  4. Then log in with your Facebook account.
  5. Then select a country and FB post from which you want to get likes.
  6. After a few minutes, it works and increases likes, and comments, on your post.

Alternative Apps:

Download this automatic liker machine app for your Smartphones, this app is the best option for Facebook users. you can easily download this app for phones and tablets. Read furthermore liker apps like the Jio Liker and FB tools for your Android devices.


The likes are automatically produced and that too from entirely reliable sources. Download TF Liker for your Android devices without any fee. It is available on our website to download for free. We have already mentioned the download (link) button So that is easier for you. Click on the download button to start the download process.