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Sankara TV is a multi-lingual spiritual channel providing lord shiva slokas devotional songs and bhakti songs in Tamil and Kannada. New Bel Road RMV 2nd stage Bangalore 560054. Begin your day by listening to the Sri Sankara channel Bhajans Suprapadam darshan and Aarthi.

It is a multilingual Hindu-spiritual television channel that captivates viewers around the globe by broadcasting the most holistic entertainment to its viewers by presenting spiritual content as well as programs that are relevant to society. It is similar to Kora Live TV.

What is Sankara TV?

SankaraTV is a free app for Android that is part of Home & Hobby. The company responsible for developing this TV app is Apptarix Mobility Solutions Private Ltd. The most recent version that was released by its developer is v1.1.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

There are many capabilities available on this app.

  • Music and Shthothra videos.
  • Theertha Yathra content Theertha Yathra content.
  • Bhakti SInchana.
  • Bhajan Samrat.
  • Pravachana.
  • Dasani.
  • Path of Dharma.
  • Nadhopasana.
  • As well as a lot of other content related to heritage and culture.


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