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Riyan TV contains a vast selection of recent films of various categories. This app includes tragedies, comedies fiction, non-fiction, romance, adventure, and science-based films. The collection includes all Hollywood and Bollywood films.

It also lets you enjoy films in other languages and countries such as Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, and many more. This ensures that people get bored by boring content, and keeps adding new films. This app also releases new drama episodes or entire seasons.

What is Riyan TV?

Riyan TV is an app that lets you watch the entire collection of your favorite films, whether Bollywood or Hollywood at no price. You can enjoy a brand new experience in high-quality video with the latest and most up-to-date content, as well as fresh episodes from seasons and TV shows.

You can also view content in different languages such as Hindi, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Urdu, and Korean as well as many others. This means that RiyanTV does not disappoint its customers and has proven to be the most suitable choice for movie fans. Anyone can get this app for Android or iOS phones.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

There are some important capabilities of this app are listed below;

Live TV

A unique capability of the RiyanTV app is live TV. The most popular live IPL, live PSL, live BPL, live football, live TV shows, news, or others are available to stream. Therefore, if you wish to stream live of any of these, click live to stream the show on your phone at no cost.


If you’re experiencing internet problems such as slow connections or inaccessibility, then download the most popular videos on this app and play them later without an internet connection.

No Ads

The most appealing capability of this app is that it’s free of ads. There are no ads to distract you from watching the videos. This is a completely ad-free app.


This app updates its contents on a frequent periodic basis. It is committed to providing any new content to customers to ensure their pleasure. This app never fails to please its customers, which is why the content that is released regularly gets added to this app.

Is Riyan TV Safe?

It is a secure and safe app to utilize. Thanks to its security and security, it’s one of the most well-known streaming apps and has accumulated millions of subscribers in a very short time.

Alternative Apps

If you are interested in streaming apps then you are on the right page! The Legend TV is another app like this one. Customers of our website will get both apps free of cost. They can enjoy both stream apps on their Android or iOS phones.


Download Riyan TV is the best streaming app that lets you stream all kinds of films and TV shows. There’s no limit on duration or time. You are able to watch them at any time, whether it’s at your office, home Park, etc.