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OpenShot Video Editor is a video editing app for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS with a free BSD license. This app was launched by Digital Creative Group Pvt Ltd with the intention of providing a customer-friendly, free, and open-source video editing app. It is designed to be very much like Adobe After Effects or Apple iMovie.

The OpenShot app comes with easy-to-understand instructions. You can import video from your hard drive or external storage phone using various methods. You can also add text or images using text files, share them using the SHOT menu, or you can add text to a picture using the Gallery option in this app.

What is OpenShot Video Editor?

OpenShot Video Editor is an app that is very easy to use and has a very intuitive customer interface. This app will guide you through every step of the editing process, from choosing the settings and theme, inserting video clips, adjusting lighting and color, and choosing the main title.

The result is that after finishing editing your video, you will have a professional-looking ending. Like Shotcut Video Editor, It also allows you to combine text with pictures in order to customize the end result. The Open Shot Video Editor app is very customer-friendly.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

There are many benefits to using the OpenShot Video Editor app. Below are the main capabilities of this app;

  • It will allow you to edit various types of media such as videos, photos, and illustrations.
  • This app supports many popular image formats such as PSD, Flash, HTML, and many others image formats.
  • You will not need to convert your images when exporting your media to a different format. If you export to a different format, the result will be lossy.
  • This app is designed to run on the Linux operating system using the app Images file system.
  • This app is a great choice for beginners who want to try out using the video editor on the Linux platform.
  • This app is available for free download from the
  • This app has different themes and filters that customers can use for free.
  • This app is free of cost and works with Android and iOS phones.
  • This app is safe and secure for Smartphones and has no errors.

How to Use OpenShot Video Editor On PC?

The desktop version can be used straight out of the box or you can install additional apps like a language translator or a flash player. There is also a book that gives you more detail on the uses of this app and walks you through the whole process. The book is available in PDF format for printing. The desktop version of this app is completely free to download.


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