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Introducing Olik Editz ML. It’s the app you’ve been expecting! This action-packed adventure has brilliant heroes. It’s simple, a laugh, and addictive. This is the only one with the intention to revolutionize your gaming enjoyment. MLBB is the latest movement RPG from the builders of Mobile Legends.

Download Olik Editz ML Mod which helps you to release all of the premium capabilities of the ML game, like guns, skins, heroes, and lots more. This is the greenest way to upgrade your heroes, in addition to a complete overhaul of your game. There are new characters, new occasions, and lots of the latest gameplay elements.

What is Olik Editz?

Olik Editz is an app that mixes the elements of journey, thriller, approach, and RPG. ML gamers need to battle their manner through 50 stages. You will discover the strength-up objects and weapons to escape from Editz’s citadel. Here you compete with gamers from all over the globe in tournaments. It has the sector’s first-class pictures, addictive gameplay, and masses of bonus capabilities.

This is a game in which you help Olik Edit ML discover his misplaced magic powers. You assist him in acquiring all the energy cash in each stage and unlock unique capabilities like superpowers, brilliant moves, and great guns. You combat as a Viking and run far from enemies with the assistance of a sword and protect.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

It is all about fun, rapid-paced movement. Gamers get one life to get as some distance as possible through every degree earlier than they lose it. The MLBB Olik Editz app’s capabilities are more than 30 movement-packed stages, amusing mini-games, and interesting special effects. It has lots of capabilities like Arjun Editz. Let us speak about them;


It is a free game for phones, capability lovely pics. It will amaze you with its clean animation and gameplay.


There are 10 styles of weapons available, each with its own precise capabilities. With these guns, you could attack and damage enemies and their bases.

Easy to play

It capabilities as an easy-to-use interface. That’s critical because in case you don’t find what you need on the first attempt, just faucet a little space to the left of the display.


This app has distinctive modes to select from and depending on your mood, there’s one mode that’s the right desire for you.

Gamer Box

It will assist you to examine all the special capabilities of this app in a single easy step. It additionally includes hints and tricks that will help you get the best scores.


It capabilities a unique participant line characteristic that makes it greater amusing and simpler to play. This capability allows you to line up your gamers by using their names or numbers.

Unlock Skins

With those skins, you may dress up your game person. With the Olik Editz app, you can customize the look of your game character to suit your style.

Unlock Emblem

It has an all-new logo gadget. You can free up them by way of finding hidden items around the game, which gives you unique powers in the ML game.

New Maps

There’s the new map machine. Use it to discover new places in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. This characteristic lets gamers view the whole map immediately.

Drone View

With drone view, the participant can view the battlefield from the air. This is an app that gives a level of detail that just has one motive: it makes the game extra sensible!


You received’t should fear getting banned at the same time as playing on your phone. Olik Editz has an anti-ban.


All the characters in the game have their own unique ability set that adds new dimensions to the gameplay. You’ll see that within the new characters.


There are new degrees. You can revel in distinctive missions while playing. There are also new places that you could go to at some point in your quest.

Display Jungle Box

The Jungle Box is where the adventure begins! This is your price tag for the biggest game within the entire jungle. Collecting all the electricity-USA Is a should.


Now, you’ll be capable of playing Android video games on your smartphone which can be absolutely really worth playing. It has been difficult for plenty of Smartphone game developers to create a product that is both a laugh and interesting.

But, Olik Editz Mobile Legends Mod made it viable for gamers to play video games on their phones that they’d need to maintain coming back to. Gamers can be capable of playing new games without becoming bored. Gamers may even love the new maps because they could fly drones and consider the battle in three-D.

It’s like being there in the game. It’s a whole new level that gamers won’t want to overlook. With these kinds of capabilities, it’s obvious that the game has something to provide to all Smartphone game enthusiasts.