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New iMoba 2024 is an original MLBB tool, similar to other ML apps. But, it has some distinctive skins drone views, battle effects as well as many other capabilities. It is the latest and most advanced app that unlocks all skins, drone views, maps, and background changers.

You’re informed that Moonton has released a couple of excellent updates to Mobile Legends Bang Bang. These improvements are intended to focus on ML characters. It is no doubt that constant improvement is vital to a game because gamers demand it. Therefore, MLBB keeps this tradition in place.

In addition, each update in the game will also force Mod app developers to update their tools. In this respect, the next installment of iMoba 2024 is packed with several amazing improvements. It will also add functions that exceed the gamer’s expectations.

The most important elements you’ve enjoyed already from the best New iMoba Part 154 include the ML Skins, Drone Camera Effects for Battle background maps, customizable, and many more. Most importantly, 50plus Painted Skins can be enjoyed for free. 

Each item in this app plays an important role to play in getting you to your destination. Everyone is thrilled to receive this basic version because they have experienced the MLBB extremely well, thanks to the fact that it.

What is New iMoba?

New iMoba is one of the most effective injectors to use in Mobile Legends Bang Bang to unlock drone views costumes, skins, costumes weapons, and other capabilities. This app was created by BangMamet and is a substitute for I-Moba Bangmamet Reborn iMoba. This version, which has been updated iMoba App comes with a variety of new capabilities that will help you improve your gaming and profile.

Therefore, you should upgrade your beloved tool to make more accomplishments in the legendary MOBA. Additionally, it’s completely free From A to Z. There is no doubt that all of us can play the MLBB without pro-level equipment.

Why then, do you need to make use of a mod tool such as the NBS Reborn? Be aware that if you depend just on a handful of items that are provided by Mobile Legends to the gamers you aren’t able to progress past a particular level. Each time you enter the game you will be greeted by professional gamers who are quick to kick you out. 

Key Capabilities Of New iMoba 2024

The following are the key capabilities of this app;

Drone View

An amazing drone camera offered by this app works on Ranked Classic, Ranked, and other Graphics.

Unlock Skin

A huge selection of ML skins, separated into various categories is available to you. You can get Painted Skin, Fighter Skin, Tank Skin, Assassin Skin, Marksman Skin, Mage Skin, Support Skin, and many more.

All Effect

Battle effects in Mobile Legends are an appealing and stimulating capability. They enhance the game with a brand-new fashion. It includes Impact recall, Effect spawn, Elimination, Battle Notification, etc.


Emotes, background songs, Custom Intro, Custom Maps, Free ML Injector, Customer-friendly interface, Resolved all bugs, No Ads, Anti-ban system, No password, and many more.


Download New iMoba Injector 2024 New update has enticed several ML gamers. Therefore, we received good feedback from the game. This update is set to break new records. You must update your tool since it offers additional benefits. Therefore, click on the above link, and store it on your device without cost.