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Kaiber Ai – Beta is an artificial intelligence app designed by WT Games Studio that allows people to develop chatbots and virtual assistants as well as different artificial intelligence-related apps. With this app, people can modify chatbot capabilities like name, image auto-reply, and many additional settings.

This app provides a simple and simple interface to create and manage chatbots. The Kaiber.AI app also integrates with alternative chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Stranger Chat, Slack, and Telegram and allows customers to install their chatbots using these platforms without difficulty.

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, it is an effective tool that can help people and businesses build virtual assistants for interaction with clients and increase customer experience. You can download it for Android as well as iOS phones.

What is Kaiber Ai – Beta?

Kaiber Ai РBeta login is easy and is a mighty artificial intelligence app that allows people to develop and control chatbots as well as other apps that use artificial intelligence easily. With a variety of options and capabilities, it allows customers to create numerous and powerful chatbots that improve the customer experience while growing revenue.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

The Kaiber Ai – Beta app is an artificial intelligence tool that allows customers to build chatbots, as well as other apps that use artificial intelligence. The following are some of the most important capabilities of this app;

Create Chatbots

This app enables customers to build chatbots quickly by utilizing a wide range of customization options. Chatbots can be named create images, upload them, add the emojis they want, and then configure additional options that meet their specific needs.

Chatbot Setting

This app offers options for modifying the chatbot’s settings, which include automatic replies, parsing rules, and the specific actions that the chatbot can take in response to a query by a person.

Chat Platforms

This app allows customers to link their chatbots with chat services like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram for the purpose of deploying their chatbots to these chat platforms.

Chatbot Management

This app provides a customer-friendly interface for managing chatbots so that they can easily manage their chatbots. Customers are able to check the history of chats as well as view recent chat requests. Customers can make or take away rules as well as change the chatbot’s settings.

Data Analytics

The Kaiber Ai – Beta app provides analytics tools that help customers evaluate chatbots’ effectiveness and increase customer satisfaction. Customers are able to view the number of visitors, reviews, chats, and other metrics that measure the efficiency of the chatbot.

Multiple Languages

This app supports several languages, so developers can develop chatbots that serve customers in a range of different countries.

API Integration

This app provides APIs to connect the chatbot with different apps, such as websites and Smartphone apps.


Anyone can use, no errors, download-free, safe app, cost-free app, Supports Android & iOS Smartphones.


Download Kaiber Ai – Beta is an extremely useful chatbot creator app, and worthy of testing. A simple interface, a parsing capability, and automated answers help your chatbot answer customers with speed and accuracy. The capability for data analysis of this app assists you in monitoring and improving your customer experience.

But, This app still isn’t without its restrictions in its capability to deal with complex queries and languages that are more complex. If you want to build a chatbot that is simple, efficient, and easy to use, it can be an ideal option for those who are.