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IFVOD TV is an app by Chinese internet TV company Tencent that lets you watch complete episodes of your favorite TV shows like movies, TV shows, music videos late-night Chinese TV, educational TV shows, religious TV shows, and numerous others.

What is IFVOD TV?

IFVOD TV is an app and is one of the most popular and efficient TV websites. It has made it easier for people to stream Chinese shows on television and Android phones. This app was designed to allow customers to have access to the most reliable wireless network and top-quality TV movies.

The new IYF app for TV is not like other similar apps from Tencent as well as other television companies that require downloading a large number of TV shows and films before you can watch the content. It is just an app. It doesn’t require a download. If you prefer the full version of the app and you want to sign up to get a free account on Tencent’s website.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

Below are the key capabilities of this app;

TV Shows

The IFVOD TV app capabilities the full version of famous TV shows, including the complete version of popular TV shows such as Dragon Gate, Big Brother, CSI, Kung Mangaloom, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Caribbean, Fantastic Four, and Invictus.


You can also ask for the video uploaded to be converted into an alternative language (most languages can be converted to this). For example, if the plan goes to the German television series Fuehrer, you could ask for it to be translated into English.

The IFA TV website also provides English subtitles for the shows which are useful in case you don’t understand how to speak the native language or agree with the default translations available.

Chinese Exhibits

If you’re looking to watch your favorite Chinese shows, you’ll need to download IFVOD TV and select the most popular TV show or film to be watched. Then, you will be taken to a TV on your personal computer. If you’ve previously installed and added other Chinese television shows to your computer You don’t have to worry.

You can effortlessly change between TV shows and episodes by using this on-screen navigator Tencent offers with this app. If you’d like to view another episode, you’ll repeat the process.

A Vast Amount Apps

Another significant aspect that is unique and an important capability of the IFVODTV.Com channel is that it allows access to a broad range of Chinese projects. Variety is the most important aspect of all things. People are always keen to see the most popular and broadest selection of Chinese shows.

900 Plus TV Shows

One of the most appealing characteristics to have in the IFVOD TV app is that it gives access to a variety of television shows. Everyone loves TV shows. The public is always keen on finding the most enjoyable series to enjoy.

One of the interesting aspects of this live TV app is that it gives access to a variety of channels and shows. Anyone around the globe can enjoy over 900 TV shows through the TV app. This creates very interestingly.

HD Streaming

Another notable characteristic that highlights this app is that it provides high-quality TV series. The most interesting capability of the IFVODTV app is that it provides HD and 1080p resolution for every television show. This is an app that helps people enjoy over 900 TV channels.


If you are using this TV app on an Android phone, then you have to download it to your device. It is easy to an effort download it on your phone.

Reputable Website

The primary and most important reason to make use of the IFVOD TV website app is that is among the most popular and trusted websites. Anyone from all over is able to access this website. It’s one of the authorized and reliable channels or websites that provide the top Chinese movies and TV shows.

It is not necessary to be concerned about anything as they enjoy the most trustworthy websites available on the web. Credibility is among the top aspects that have made this app very interesting and very popular.

Originating From China

Something worth noting in this article is the fact that IFVOD TV comes from China. It is among the fastest-growing websites which have been gaining recognition and popularity in China. After that, it was recognized from one end of the world to another, and its initiatives began to be transformed into different dialects.

Source to Spend Time

It is probably the most effective platform that one can take advantage of to spend their free time. All they have to do is sign up for this app to watch their most loved shows.

Selected App

The main reason to choose this free TV app is that deserves to be picked. It merits picking since it meets all of the criteria to give viewers the most accurate review information. Everyone must concentrate on selecting the appropriate and most reliable TV channel to ensure they can enjoy the full range of their most loved projects.

Customer Service

Another reason why you should sign up for IFVOD TV to watch Chinese projects is the fact that it furnishes individuals with the most efficient client service. People are always interested in getting the most effective stage on which they can catch the most prestigious Chinese shows.


Free to download, easy to use, no error, all bugs are fixed, no password, no registration, and many more.

Alternative Apps

Also, get its alternative apps like Prende TV & many more from our website APKAsset.


These are the most essential things you need to be aware of regarding this app. These focuses comprise a part of the most notable aspects of this app. Additionally, they provide the reasons why people choose IFVOD TV APK. These arguments are enough to convince people to choose this TV app to invest their effort.