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Here is something for all adventure game lovers. Gacha Sandglass Mod is a free app that lets you experience an endless journey. This game allows gamers to customize their characters, adjust the arena, change the sound, etc. In this game, you can design your own character from the ground up.

This game revolves around an adventure where you will meet many new characters, some of whom become friends while others become enemies. Join your friends to take down the evil enemy that is trying to ruin your world and cause distress.

What is Gacha Sandglass?

Gacha Sandglass is good to know that the game will work smoothly on phones with almost two gigabytes of RAM. There are thousands of character options to choose from. Each option has a unique creative look. We believe that this is what will appeal most to gamers. The majority of capabilities in this game are free. You will need to be a member to gain access to certain capabilities.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

The following are the key capabilities of the Gacha Sandglass Mod game;


Adventure is a popular genre in games due to the excitement and intrigue.


You can choose from a wide range of character outfits. Most of the outfits can be obtained for free. This capability is available to both premium and free members.


Numerous other characters will appear in the game. As the protagonist, you’ll be making friends with these characters and forming a team for your adventure.

Premium Membership

If you wish to try out new capabilities, you can purchase a game membership. The price is reasonable.


In this game, you’ll be given a number of missions to complete with your team. There will be a range of missions that are easy, medium, and difficult.

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Adventure games are popular among a wide segment of gamers. We have created the GachaSandglass Mod game to meet the needs of all these gamers. It is a game that covers every aspect of the adventure. Characters and outfits are the most important capabilities of this game.

They make it stand out from the rest. The outfits will vary according to current fashion trends. There are also different levels that the gamer must pass through before they can complete their final goal.