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Dogas Info is an app for Android and iOS phones that provides info about various dog breeds to its customers. Through this app, customers can find information about canines, such as their background characteristics, their shape and personality nutrition info, typical illnesses, and the best ways to take care of their pet’s well-being.

This app offers detailed and complete details about hundreds of dog breeds which includes rare breeds. Dogas.Info also allows customers to build lists of their top dog breeds, and to store the details for every dog simply.

What is Dogas Info?

Dogas Info is a helpful app that can help you locate information regarding diet and care for dog shops, locate stores, vet clinics, and dog-care services, and also share reviews and information with fellow customers. This app additionally allows searching for clinics, stores, and pet care facilities near where the customer is. It makes it simple for customers to search for and pick the most suitable dog health solutions.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

There are many capabilities of this app which are listed below;

Info on Dogs

The Dogas Info app provides detailed details on over 300 breeds of dogs with information on their capabilities, characteristics the history of their origin, and even their names.

Info about Breed of Dogs

Dog owners can store data for every breed of dog, such as pictures, name details about the breed, and specifics.

List of Dogs

This app allows customers to build a list of their most loved dogs to make it easy to track and search.

Shops Clinics & Other Services

This app gives information about the shops, clinics, and other services for dog grooming near the area of use.

Health Info for Dogs

The Dogas Info app provides useful details on dog health such as dental health washing, bathing, as well as disease treatment.

Info sharing

Customers can share information regarding dogs, dog stores, or clinics on their platforms for social networking like Facebook and Instagram.

Referral Function

This app comes with the ability to introduce customers to different breeds of dogs or pet shops, clinics, as well as other products that customers may be interested in.

Customer Interface

The design for this app is simple intuitive and easy to navigate. It allows customers to search for data quickly and conveniently.

Dog Nutrition Info

This app offers details on nutrition for dogs, including food items to avoid and those not amounts of food that are needed and how to cook dog meals, as well as exercises for keeping your dog fit and healthy. to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Info on Dog Training

The Dogas Info app provides information on how to train and educate dogs, including how to train dogs how to sit, lay down, and do some running through obstacles, as well as other abilities that can help dogs improve their skills.

Up-to-Date Info

This app will update all the current information regarding dogs, dog health, and nutrition for dogs, as well as stores and clinics that are opening, and will help customers track and keep up-to-date with the most recent details.


This app supports multiple languages, allowing customers to utilize this app quickly and easily.

Internet Connection

It is possible to use this app with or without an Internet connection. This saves information and makes it more customer-friendly for those using this app for Android or iPhones.

Rate & Comment

The capability of rating and commenting allows customers to review and leave comments on the shops, clinics, pet treatment, or services for dogs which allows the other customers to gain exact information as well as reviews of the full cost of the products and services.


Download Dogas Info is a helpful app with options that give extensive and varied information across numerous disciplines. The interface is straightforward and customer-friendly this app is frequently up-to-date to provide the most current details are provided.

But, it also isn’t without its flaws. For instance, it displays certain inaccurate data, needs access to the internet, and shows advertisements in this app. In light of its benefits and drawbacks, customers must consider and weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to choose the best app that meets their needs.