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Many online gamers play diverse games on a day-by-day basis. They play one-of-a-kind video games like PUBG, FREE FIRE, MOBILE LEGENDS BANG BANG, and lots of extras. But these days we are herewith an app, that’s special from all other apps. This app is BitAIM+, which you may without difficulty training carrom video games on your phones.

It is very easy to use and it additionally has many specific capabilities. BitAIM Plus lets you forecast the outcome of an in-game shot. This app can exactly forecast the disc path on a carrom board. This means a gamer has to select the great shot to take. You also can save your shots in the memory for further games.

When you’re playing the game, this will even let you know approximately your shot whether or not you’re making a shot direct or indirect. There are many unique shots in the game like coin returned, decreased V-aspect, higher V-facet, etc. At the same time as playing, you could use limitless coins to shop for many different things to make the game easy and easy.

You can play the game with your friends. This app is a great exercise for new gamers’ attention. Another element approximately this app is that it makes use of man-made intelligence to improve the gamer’s capabilities. The game has many capabilities, it is simple to see. That is why it’s by far maximum popular. If gamers are interested in trying out this app, then they can get this from our website online.

What is BitAIM?

BitAIM is an app that can be used on every Android or iOS phone. This app especially makes use of guy-made intelligence to assist the gamers in enhancing their aim. This app is unfastened for download. Gamers can get this app from Google Play or a 3rd-party website. Before downloading this app from a 3rd-party website, keep in mind one factor mind third-party websites might also lead to many viruses on your phones.

This is a great game like a Carrom Pool. Because it has a smooth control machine, it makes the game extra times quicker. To get this app, you must have to create an account on the website. After growing the account, you can without problems download this app from the website.

After taping on the “deploy” button you may be right away select the new version of this app you want to download on your Android or iPhone. If you download BitAIM+, you will pay a penny and in case you download a free model, this is the hacked model of the authentic app.

This app has an easy customer interface and it provides a completely rather efficient forge of in-direct and multi-break of coins. This app is additionally solidifying the course of the distinct discs on a carrom board.

What are the Key Capabilities Of this App?

The number one characteristic of the BitAIM Mod is to help you win matches so there are not many capabilities of this app. But the ones that it comes with are given below;

Smart AI Helper

AI nowadays is bringing revolution. We see AI-based helpers in every area of lifestyle. So why no longer games? This app comes with a smart AI helper that objectives for you earlier than you even move for a shot. So you are usually one step beforehand as to what type of shot and in which direction you need to play.

Ads-Free App

This app does not include too many ads as compared to every different app within the market. You won’t be dealing with traumatic commercials that interrupt your gameplay and disrupt your recognition.

Different Trickshots

The carrom pool game has lots of trick pictures associated with carrom. And in case you are a pro at carrom, you know a way to play those. And in case you aren’t a pro then you could use BitAIM because it allows you to play all the trick photographs like Coin Back Shot, Striker Back Shot, Lower V-Side Shot, Upper V-Side Shot, V-Side Shot, Double Coin Shot, and so on effectively.

Carrom Pool

Bit-AIM is specially designed for the carrom pool game. There is no manner to get admission to this app. To use it you first must have the carrom pool game set up on your phone. If you’ve got one, you then just must launch this app first after which you can play the carrom pool as you do.


Free to download, No Key or Password, Safe to use, No Errors, Updated version, and many more.

Alternative Apps

Many unique apps are offered by our website APKAsset without any charge. So with this app, you can also get the Nimo TV app from our website for free.


Download BitAIM Mod which has an easy interface and gives a large wide variety of cash. The important purpose of this app is to expect the route of the discs on a carrom board. This app has an easy manipulation tool. This game can be played with friends and other human beings.

This app will assist the gamers with approximately the photographs. You can get this app from our website that’s a secure and stable app. Thank you for and quality success of your game.